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Motivation Plan Carey D. Hilburn Jr. LDR/531 November 25, 2013 Luis Ramos Motivation Plan A challenge faced by many organizations is to motivate members. The variety of personalities, skill levels and work ethics between different members makes it difficult to develop a motivation plan that is universally effective. It is important, however, to implement strategies to ensure each team member is motivated, has job satisfaction, and performs well in order for the organization to be successful. Through analyzing the different characteristics and personalities of each team member using the DiSC assessment, a motivation plan will be created for members of Team D as employees of the Education Resource Center. Motivation is defined…show more content…
Dave is a Dominance style personality. “People with the dominant personality type tend to make quick decisions, are very results-oriented, are direct and straight-forward, and often display a high level of initiative and energy” (Slowikowski, 2005, p. 836). Dominance styles are also risk takers that like to explore new things (). Daniel’s motivation plan includes having him to participate in teams where he is not the lead. His high energy and initiative is beneficial in driving projects forward and keeping them on schedule, but taking the back seat once in a while will help Daniel to be more open to the opinions of others. Daniel will also be included in projects that require any innovation or new ideas to utilize his explorative nature and “out of the box” thinking. Daniel will have personal goals to delegate tasks more frequently and learn to relinquish control when appropriate. Cranden serves as the Assistant Director of Secondary Education. Cranden is the Steadiness Style personality. Steadiness personality types are people-oriented, good listeners, and dedicated employees (Alessandra, 2013). Although Cranden is good at interacting with people, he could improve on being assertive and expressing himself more…show more content…
Kimberly is a take action type of person that likes to get things done. She is known for making quick decisions and expecting quick results. She is very energetic and rarely stops to enjoy the success of one project before jumping into the next project. The motivation plan for Kimberly is to also have her delegate more projects. She will benefit from letting go of control and trusting employees to perform tasks. Kimberly will have personal goals that encourage her to increase communication with subordinates and listen to their ideas. Kimberly also should learn to take a moment to enjoy the completion of projects and the success that she and the organization have achieved. She could possibly post a bulletin board that shows projects and offers encouraging messages like, “Good job team” when a project is successfully

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