Professionalism: A Career As A Paramedic

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Becoming a paramedic has been one of the most challenging times in my life. Dealing with constant stress and being able to recall information is part of the job. Another aspect of the job is professionalism. Over the years of working in EMS I've realized that working as a paramedic requires a certain amount of maturity and knowledge but also how the ability to be tough skinned and light hearted. Being professional is something that can be taught. Its usually taught to us in school growing up by our teachers, and at home from our parents. Sometimes when we do things that are foolish we expect there not to be foolish results. Usually we get lucky and things slide, but recognizing when its appropriate to joke and when its time to get serious.…show more content…
Discipline, respect, maturity, knowledge, critical thinking ability, interpersonal skills, and confidence. Throughout all these traits we learn about them one by one by making mistakes and learning from them. The times we would disrespect our parents when we were young there were consequences for our actions. Growing up and getting older is part of life. Learning how to be mature but still fun and young hearted is a must to stay healthy in EMS. Discipline, the ability to have complete self control over your actions and emotions not clouding your judgment, executing the task at hand. Many people lack discipline because its usually lacking within. Self-discipline is a trait that when properly used can make your life so much more enjoyable. You have control and the ability to push yourself and stay motivated. Staying on track and staying focused. Being able to live self- disciplined all the time is impractical, but we need to always be disciplined when it comes to our job as a paramedic. Respect returned is respect given. When we say or do things without thinking that shows lack of self-discipline but also immaturity. I’m sure that respect comes with development over time and maturity. The level of maturity that some people haven’t reached yet may due to there upbringing or life style choices, also shows why they lack respect. Maturity is reached at different times for different people. Some people may never mature and choose to live there lives that way. Those people usually are inconsistent financially, and unstable and live a life of unhappiness. Maturity doesn't mean that we need to act like monks, but that we should have the intuition and common sense to know when it is appropriate to joke and the boundaries. Growing up I matured at a young age, my parents were strict and when I matured they became strict in a different way. I was held to an unspoken standard. Maturity meant

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