Lifestyle Inventory Essay

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The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) survey has outlined some of the personality trait that has directed my life both personally and professionally. According to the survey, I scored highest in the Humanistic-Encouraging style with a raw score of 23 and a percentile score of 14. The Humanistic-Encouraging style indicates that I’m accepting of myself and others. I accept other people unconditionally and tends want to help others reach their goal and potential. According to the LSI self-development guide, Humanistic-Encouraging individuals tends to think, grow and take responsibilities for themselves. They are also willing to help others to self-improve by coaching them and providing an environment that encourages self-improvement. Even though I’m not yet a manager, I see this personality train in myself in school settings. When I have to do group projects, I’m usually elected to be the leader of the group because of how I approach the group. I understand the need to divide the work among the group members depending on their strengths and weaknesses. I do not let weakness in others stop me from including those individuals 100% in the project. I make sure to help them out by providing them guidelines they can understand and encourage them to be productive members of the group. I’ve had other team members just wanting to do the work themselves and not include those who are less able because it’s so much easier for them to do so. However, I always feel that they won’t learn if not given a chance to try and improve themselves. I tend to also be very confident in my own work. I trust myself first and foremost. I’m not close to constructive criticism or getting help form others. However, I like to be a leader because I feel that at the end of the day, even if I do incorporate the ideas of others, the end results should come from me in order to reassure myself that
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