Psy 430 Problem Solving Techniques

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Problem Solving Techniques Daniel Best PSY/430 Team Dynamics for Managers March 4, 2013 Robin Goins The team dynamic has become a main focus in most of today’s companies. The ability to have several different thought processes to fix a problem allows companies to select from several possible solutions. The team environment allows ideas to develop from several angles that help to ensure its success. Since America has so many cultures and economic classes, it is possible to get several members of a team that are extremely different. This kind if diversity allows for a more diverse exchange of ideas than if everyone…show more content…
The Training section is responsible for ensuring all Marines within our unit is 100% qualified for deployment. Since the Marine Corps is the “Force in Readiness”, there is no excuse for a Marine not to be qualified. There are dozens of annual, quarterly, and monthly requirements that must be conducted and verified for each Marine to reach 100% qualification. This creates high stress environment that cannot be handled by one Marine, that is why we do everything as a team. Every email that gets sent out or training that gets scheduled will be sent to every member of our section. This allows all of us to be involved with what is going on and if one of us forgets to complete something or has an oversight, the other members will correct it before it becomes an issue. My biggest strengths are the ability to foresee issues and remembering to follow up with a task until it is completed. I am known throughout my unit to always have a yellow note-taking pad on me, if there is an issue, I will write it down and it will get corrected. That is my main function within the group, to facilitate the day-to-day actions of the other members. If something needs to get done, I assign a member that task and then follow up until completion. The only draw back so far is my aggressive attitude towards mission accomplishment has caused some of the other members to recent my approach. I do not always ask for things in a nice way, I think being direct is the quickest way to get something completed. The biggest affect that it has on the group is slowing down the amount of work that was getting completed. If I have to repeat myself or wait longer than excepted because the other team members are getting upset with me, I cannot reach the full potential for that day. The other team members are starting to notice that I do not mean to be disrespectful, I just want to get the job done a efficiently as possible. The other
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