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Assignment 4 Time Management February 27, 2011 Professor Daniel Gilbert Operations Management BUS515 003016 Introduction: After reading the case on work force scheduling at the Red, White, and Blue Fireworks Company (RWBFC), I will develop a staffing plan that will determine the exact number of full-time employees needed, as well as the schedule each employee will need to work. I will also explain what factors were relevant in making the transition to the new schedule. The production manager at the Red, White, and Blue Fireworks Company (RWBFC), decided to change the work schedule for her manufacturing employees. Because of high product demand and an inability to expand at the current facility, RWBFC needs to operate ten hours each day, seven days each week. In order to avoid the use of overtime and to keep her employees fresh, Joan decided to have employees work four ten hour shifts each week. She insists that every employee must have three consecutive days off. The work week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. The manufacturing process requires a minimum of 20 employees. (Reid & Sanders, 2010) Answer 1: Develop a staffing plan for RWBFC in accordance with the constraints stated in the case. A staffing plan was developed using the constraints specified in the Answer 2: Discuss the method used in developing the staffing plan. Tibrewala, Phillippe, and Brown technique of 1972 was used in developing the staffing plan for RWBFC. The objective of this technique was to enable a company to operate seven days a week and give each of its full-time employees two consecutive days off. However RWBFC manufacturing manager has requested that her employees work 10 hour days, 4 days a week with three consecutive days off. In order for the manufacturing of the fireworks to function properly she will need a

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