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“The only real learning for leadership is leadership " THE HISTORY - WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF During my undergraduate study, I had taken the Myers-Briggs test which forced me to admit what I am not capable of performing as an individual. I have learned that I value my strengths and take advantage of my abilities, but ignore my weaknesses. To grow as a person and get what I want out of life I must not only capitalize on my strengths, but also face my weaknesses head on. This will not only better me as a person, but it will also force me to be honest with myself. One of my personal strengths is that I am able to cut straight to the chase in any situation and not be sidetracked by non-essential issues; Moreover, I have a propensity for leadership, which follows naturally, from my ability to control and manage real world situations. In addition, I am aware of the differences between my needs and the needs of others. A strength that I possess on the Myers-Briggs assessment is that I am an innovative thinker. On the other hand, a negative trait would be that I tend to be a perfectionist. When I do things, I do them in such a methodical way, that I am not satisfied until they are just right in my eyes. When working on group projects, I sometimes get frustrated when others do not put forth the same level of effort I do. Often I find myself losing patience with those who do not share the same idea or level of dedication. At the leadership class at IUJ, I have come to know that leadership is the process to achieve own goal of task through organising other people’s behaviours toward same direction creating cooperative actions. If a leader has variety of power sources, the person can influence people’s behaviours more effectively. It’s very necessary for a leader to reward his followers, compel something, excel in skills, have the required information and

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