Strengths and Challenges

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Strengths and Challenges What are my strengths and challenges? As I began to think, I take a look back at what has made me stronger and what challenges I have to work on to become stronger. Both can be applied in my personal and professional life. I feel my challenges are being a procrastinator and having problems with authority. Being a procrastinator is something I am really struggling with. I wait until the last minute to do everything. I have learned a lot about time management. I have also tried to incorporate calendars, alarms, and to-do list in my daily routine. Some are working, while others aren’t. I am confident in due time, and a lot of practice, I will get over this “disease”. Now, when I say authority I don’t mean all types of authority. I have problems with people who have the authority or upper hand in a position and they seem to take it to another level, in which I call “power trip”. I really despise being in a work place where as the authority figure seems to get off from trying their best to overpower you. I am a very aggressive person. Most of the time, my aggressive is taken as me wanting to take over or take someone’s position and that’s rarely the case. In the moment when I feel like someone is trying to overpower me, I become very angry and blow up dramatically. I don’t like when I explode. Especially, when it’s a situation I cannot control. I have thoughts that maybe I am the problem. Sometimes I wonder if my temper is the problem or maybe I am jealous that I am not the one with the authority. However, these are my challenges that I am sure I have to work on to become to stronger. On the flip side, procrastinating has one benefit: I work best under pressure. Now, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But, I can say that being an excellent worker under pressure is one of my strengths. For an example, I’m not quite sure if I’m good

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