I Believe Family Values Are Important

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I Believe Family Values Are Important I believe that a family with strong values will always be together. My beliefs are that a Family needs to always spend quality time together as a group. I believe that with all the holidays and birthdays that a family shares, that they should be together during these times because they are special moments that only come once. Our family always shares the holidays together because that’s how were raised. Also, my family and I always have dinner together and that’s the time that we all talk about what’s going on in our lives. I believe this tradition should always be carried out because this is the only time some families can come together. Another way I spend time with my family, is we do creative things together like, skating, going to the park, grilling out, camping, bowling and many other things. I also believe that you need to start teaching your children when they are young, about the true meaning of family values. I have taught my children the importance of sharing and to always help each other out. I don’t want them to be greedy with their belongings as they grow up. I also have taught them to never be mean or talk rudely to anyone because it’s impolite. My family also knows the difference between right and wrong because if they didn’t they would grow up thinking everything they did was ok to do. I want them to know when it is ok to do something and when it’s wrong to do something because if it’s good you will always be rewarded and if it’s bad then something terrible may happen. I also am teaching them to know the difference between wanting something and needing something. We can always want something which is just a necessity but to need something is a must have to survive in everyday life. Another thing I believe needs to be
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