Explain The Specific Ways I Need To Change To Be A Helpful Person

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Exercise 1.1 Specific ways I need to change to be a more helpful person is to always look for the other person first and not just for myself. I have a tendency to put myself first instead of others and I really need to work on this quality. I have great listening skills and make eye contact but I don’t move around when I talk so I feel that would make me a more helpful person also because they would not be bored. Exercise 1.2 If I saw a professional with these labels I would think great they were except for the shrink because might make you think down on yourself instead of there to help you with your problems. These people are all very special and help to provide help in so many ways to help to get a job, a home, medical assistance, to just help with everyday living. Exercise 2.1…show more content…
Giorgio: Being newly married and then losing your spouse is hard, they were still newlyweds I feel that she needs the comfort of losing the love of life and finding the help and guidance of a social worker is what she needs Chang Yang: Being and immigrant looking for calming and relief, moral support if she really did anything wrong and if why and how long she will be in jail. Exercise 3.5 Knowing the diagnosis of a client before you meet can be both helpful and problematic because you want to learn what the issues are so you know what to look for when treating your client but they can be problematic because you don’t want the client to start to think that can get the best of you by getting what the y want also because they know the most of the problem and will start to let the problem become the problem. Exercise 3.6 I would handle a client who said he had a preference for working with a certain someone by asking one simple question, Can I ask why? Everyone has the right to get who they prefer however that does not always happen. But is in their clients rights we as social workers cannot make anyone get service from anyone or anywhere they don’t want it. Exercise

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