Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing In nursing profession, The America Nursing Associate (ANA) Code of Ethic acts as a backbone to guide health care team to look deep into all different angle when making ethical decision. The Code of Ethic was created to assist nurses to preserve his or her professional principle of values, morals and ethical when caring for patients. Every nurses have a duty to protect and respect all patients' cultural belief, values, and dignity. Moral and ethical principles are the cord to direct any ethical decision making. It is a path to the open road for nurses to gain critical thinking, differ aspect of life. Nurses can advocate a nonjudgmental help to their patient's autonomy (self determination, chap. 4 pg 56). In the case study of Marianne, who experienced hemorrhagic stroke, unconsciousness, and without advanced directive. The husband wanted to save his wife, but on the other hand, their children belief that their mom wants a quality of life with dignity. When a nurses engaged such a complex ethical situation, the Ethical Committee resources included multidisciplinary groups that are needed to assist patient and family. Based on statutory law, patients have the right to make a decision to withdraw or withhold any treatment (Blais & Hayes, 2011). In the case study of Marianne, the patient do not have advanced directive on file, therefore, the statutory laws are not against family's decision related to her care. The nurse can only educate and provide information and be the patients' advocate. Personal and social values are gained through observing and experiencing differences in race, religion, cultural, and ethical practices. Emotions, thoughts, and know ledges pertaining to these cultural differences influence morals and values gained in life. These dynamics can be complicated to an individual’s decision making

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