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Running Head: Ethics Case Study Ethics Case Study The basis for prescribing is in pharmacy law. Legally authorized prescribers are doctors of medicine, osteopathy, and optometry. Podiatrist, veterinarian, physician assistant and advanced practice registered nurse. Jerry McCall is an office assistant for Dr. William’s. Jerry has received training as both a medical assistant and Licensed practical nurses (LPN). During the time the receptionist is out to lunch Jerry is covering for her. Jerry is faced with a common problem in the health care field today. Jerry has been asked to call in a refill for Valium to a pharmacy for a patient. This paper will address why Jerry is not qualified to refill any prescription medication. If Jerry is protected if a lawsuit is filled. Jerry’s decision is a tough one, legal and ethical issues and advice will be provided for Jerry’s use. Jerry’s medical training does not qualify him to issue a refill order as well as the pharmacy law. A licensed practical nurse is below a registered nurse level and not even an RN can do this. Jerry knows that with his training he is not allowed to refill a prescription medication. Jerry knows that Valium is an antidepressant and addictive drug. Jerry is not allowed to refill this prescription because he is not a medical doctor, dentist, or a psychologist. He has training for a LPN and knows that no matter what type of medication a patient is asking him to refill he is not allowed to. If there are no more refills on the prescription bottle the only thing Jerry can do in this position is to schedule the patient for an appointment with Dr. Williams. The patient is asking for a refill for Valium but could also ask for a refill for high blood pressure medication. If the patient has to call because he or she is out of refills on the prescription bottle needs to renew the prescription

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