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Task Ci In our workplace we have a very good team but we all come from different care backgrounds and therefore sometimes have different beliefs about how care should be carried out and differing attitudes to the workload we have. During my career as a carer I have always been trained to give the residents choice and promote independence. I have had this belief instilled into me and therefore carry this out on a daily basis. This can be by offering them a choice of what they would like to wear or whether they would like a wash, shower or bath that day. To me this is inclusive practice and helps to stop discriminatory practice and respects the preferences of the resident. I find it frustrating when other carers decide for the resident to save time but to remain professional I would not talk to them about it in front of a resident and would stay calm when discussing the issue. I have been bought up in an environment where you always show respect even if you disagree with a person. I play a big part in the induction training of new carers. When carrying out this training I am careful not to push my own beliefs and attitudes onto the new carers and use the policies and procedures to explain the standards expected. New carers should be given the chance to develop their own style of working based on their own attitudes and beliefs as long as they work within the care standards. We look after one resident who has a very strong Christian faith. I have been bought up in an environment where neither of my parents believed in God and so I have never practiced any religion. I was still bought up to respect that others did practice a religious faith and have always been very tolerant of other religious views. On one occasion with this resident myself and another carer had a difference of opinion on how to handle a situation with the resident. After carrying out the
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