Anthem (Ayn Rand)

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Anthem In the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand, she writes about a society where there is no individuality and citizens are controlled by the government. The philosophical belief of the government is that everyone is equal and they enforce this rule on the people in their society. Anthem portraits the loss of individuality in a society where conformity and communal identity are demanded. The people have no say in anything. In Anthem the people cannot choose their own jobs, it is all specified by the Council of Vocations and people have no say in it. All the ideas in the society are controlled by the Council of Scholar, they don’t accept changes. There are no families in this society, the children are separated from their mothers and they never know their parents. The government is their parent. This way government can control them and there is no rebellion. There is no freedom. Ayn Rand is warning the modern society, that it could change into the society in Anthem. Anthem portraits the loss of individuality. In the society in Anthem people have no real names, which is a loss of identity and individuality. Equality, the main character in the book talks about how the names of people are stamped on the bracelet they wear: “Our name is Equality 7-52521, as it is written on the iron bracelet which all men wear on their left wrists.” (Rand 18) This gives the reader a little insight to their society. The society is controlling and people have no identity. Ayn Rand is warning the modern society that there could be the loss of identity and individuality in their society, and she emphasizes the importance of individualism in a society. In Anthem people of the society cannot choose their job. It is chosen by the government for them, and they have no say in it. Equality really wants to be in the Home of Scholars, where ideas are developed, but he is sent to house of
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