Promote Professional Development

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NVQ Level V: Management Unit 2: Promote Professional Development A wide variety of people are involve particularly in health related professions are engage into professional development. This includes the nurses, senior carers and carers as well as the others who have contribution in the overall aspects of the clients in the residential home. Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. In this way, the company will be updated of the latest points to ponder. Everyone should be aware of the changes that the government is expecting the homes to assure the quality care they are providing. This will help to ensure that we are performing to the best we can and are meeting all necessary standards and expectations within our policies and procedures. To develop a successful strategy for change, we need to understand the types of barriers faced in healthcare. Some are not aware of the changes needed for the development and lack familiarity with, the latest evidence-based guidance. In addition, they may be aware that new guidance has been issued but don’t know how their current way of working needs to change to ensure they provide the best care for patients in line with the guidance. Motivation is a fundamental part of nearly everything we do. External factors can drive motivation and change behaviour, for example, for some carers who are not motivated because they knew that the purpose of certain trainings that are needed to attend are useless due to the reason that not everybody is practicing it in actual field, or maybe due to the fact that it is not paid for the number of hours. External factors can drive motivation and change behaviour, for example, the provision of incentives or penalties imposed as part of regulatory checks. But internal factors, such as
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