A Day in Life of Alex Sandler

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A day in life of Alex Sandler 1. How would you describe Alex's leadership style (according to “Leadership Run Amok”)? What are the advantages/disadvantages of Alex's style? Alex´s leadership style is only oriented in objectives, therefore that kind of style could be useful in a situation of confusion or when it needs to deliver a strong performance. Nevertheless, could be really unsocial and unsustainable when it has to work in stable situation, because mainly his peers and subordinates they will not accept or tolerate that style for long periods of time. According to Amok his style could be title as Directive and Pacetting, which means that entails command and control behavior that at times became coercive. It also involves leading by example and personal heroics. The advantages of these styles are that it fuels innovation, productivity and growth but on the other side ultimately could erode organizational performance, demolishing trust and undermine morale. This type of style can be observd in Alex when he mention that he had been hired to shake up the product team and launch the product quickly. He said that if been pushy and commanding is the only way to get the job done and get results even if he had to steamroll over someone`s feelings or ignore the way a collegue would like to hadle a project, it worth for him. 2. Using the cultural dimensions explained in “Eye of the Beholder,” which three cultural dimensions best describe Alex’s leadership style? Don’t worry about what country Alex is from… Just focus on identifying cultural dimensions with Alex’s behavior. According with the eye of the beholder Alex´s cultural dimension is Performance orientation, assertiveness and future orientation. Performance orientation is referred on the way a collective encourages and rewards the groups’ members for improvements and excellence.

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