Hrm 531 Week 6 Assignment

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Week Six Assignment Selling Executives On Project Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 Fundamental Reasons Analysis 3 Possible Strategies 5 Conclusion 6 Introduction The success of many organizations hinge on the organization’s ability to adapt to changes in technology, market and industry trends. This paper will discuss how Levon Corporation’s reluctance to implement project management functions kept them stagnant in the industry and almost a non-competitor to their peer organizations. Levon Corporation was unmoved in their position until they realized they were on a steady decline which resulted in them bringing in project consultant to listen to the benefit of implementing project management functionality in…show more content…
A presentation should be held outlining the present state of the organization. The executives need to see the severe state they are in and how fast they will continue to decline if they do not take action soon. The present state presentation would present honest information informing the audience of where they realistically are. An outline of the amount of business the company has lost out on would be the concluding factor in the presentation letting the company know continuing in this direction will take them completely out of the competitive market. The management team needs to understand that “change is an ongoing and never-ending process of organizational life” (Van de Ven & Sun, 2011, p. 58). After showing the team where they are the next step would be to show them where they can go if they make the necessary changes. During the future state presentation, an outline of how business would increase and improve statistically. Companies often require visual and the future state presentation would provide several visual chart reports showing the company how they will improve their marketability by implementing project management functionality. The increase to employee morale and production would be the closer to this presentation. Completing the present state and future state presentations would set up the final strategy of…show more content…
Though this organization was successful, they were not successful enough to be in the stuck state they were in. The growth of the Levon Corporation should have been the primary focus of everyone in the company especially the management team. Even though bringing the project management consultant in to outline to the management team the importance of project management functionality was stubbornly agreed upon it proved to be the first and most important step in the company’s change process. The employees will feel their opinions are suggestions are valued as a result of the management team taking the time to hear out the consultant. The apprehension of the management team is understood because that is the culture; however, once the functionality is implemented and the management team sees the growth and positive change, the company will be more adapt to change. The project management consultant’s strategies to convince the Levon management team to accept and move forward with the change required realistic information to be presented, as well as for the team to be shown where they can

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