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Workplace Diversity Jazmine Thomas Post University Workplace Diversity 1. Describe an approach to a business diversity program that would be pragmatic and ethical. Most business people would want to be both pragmatic and ethical. Pragmatic ethics is a theory of normative philosophical ethics. Ethical pragmatists think that norms, principles, and moral criteria are likely to be improved as a result of inquiry. According to the reading “Quadrant I is where most of the ethical arguments for diversity in the workplace are likely to be located (Harvey, 2012)”. These teleological ethical arguments are similar on the surface to the pragmatic economic justifications for diversity. Using the matrix approach is a useful way to think about the possible relationships between pragmatism and ethical choices and ultimately aid in the business diversity program. 2. What are some possible explanations for the hesitancy to discuss ethics in the workplace? Conversations about ethics and values can be challenging. We struggle with openly disagreeing with other people on moral grounds, since it may appear that in doing so we place ourselves on the “moral high ground.” In addition, there is a perception that someone who is willing to talk about ethics lacks the toughness to be an effective leader (Adenle, 2011). This is based on the assumption that making tough choices means, making choices that are unethical. It takes courage to make unpopular decisions that reflect ethical values, and those people who stand up for ethics are often alone in the crowd. When companies fail to talk about values, you lose a valuable opportunity to build and reinforce your ethical culture. It may be difficult, but the rewards far exceed the costs. 3. This discussion’s definition of diversity rests on a valuing of differences across many groups of people. Explain why valuing (the process) is

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