Leadership Styles In Project Management

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The recent era is observing transforming into complicated global economy along with shrinking geography, governments, and other organisations. This is leading the project management model for facilitating successful endeavours to enhance the products, policies, processes, and services. Project management has proven to be the factor considering the short-term aspects consisting of strategic ventures. It can be said that these organisations have recognised that these projects do not only require a project manager but also require a leader for projects (Geoghegan & Dulewicz, 2008). Müller and Turner (2007) provide that project leaders are responsible for the daily investigation of errors, budget, quality, and time constraints. They are also required to manage change while assuring the availability of resources while addressing the flares related to behaviour and emotions with the external stakeholders. It can be…show more content…
Different Types of Leadership for Project Management The types of leadership or leadership styles are considered as the possible success factors for project managers. It is a skill being ignored in training as it is not easy to measure the leadership style of a person in the situations of training. The behaviour of leadership can be considered as autocratic, democratic, and bureaucratic while being dependent on the situation (Nixon, et al., 2012). The following leadership styles are common in the domain of project management: • Autocratic: The manager of a project is expected to make the decisions while dominating the team members. This approach results in the passive resistance from the members of teams while requiring the consistent pressure as well as direction from the leader for getting things done. This approach is not considered appropriate for achieving the effective performance from teams. It can be said that this style can be appropriate for urgent actions or when the subordinates reflect their preference for this style (Muller, et al.,
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