Pad 515 Week 3 Analysis

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PAD 515 Week 3 Discussion Carver is missing some very basic values and attitudes. He is missing being considerate, respectful, fair, cooperativeness. The changes that Carver needs to make are numerous. The changes will be difficult for him to sustain, as they are not his “style”, but change can be achieved, as with anything, if he works on his values and attitudes. It will more than likely take his subordinates and co-workers even longer to trust that he has changed and that he will adhere to his new found values and attitudes. He needs to work on being more considerate. When he sends out emails that berates his subordinates he is disregarding his employee’s feelings. The emails he sends out are harsh and accusatory, such as asking “Why aren’t you as committed to this project as I am?” (Daft, 2011, p.129) This tone is offensive and does not work towards a solution to the issue. Along the same lines, he needs to be more respectful. His words make people feel worthless and inept. When he begins to try people with respect they will respond in a positive manner, perhaps going the…show more content…
Carver is lacking in interpersonal effectiveness. He needs to address his ability to communicate and build interpersonal relationships. He needs to build a rapport with his employees to be successful. A successful leader “can help people contain and recover from their emotional stressors on the job” (Newman, Guy & Mastracci, 2007, p. 13). Carver was actually the stressor in many situations. In order to improve his performance review, he can learn to help individuals handle stressful work situations to help them perform their jobs better. This will ultimately improve his relationships with employees and gain Carver a better performance
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