Conformity over Individuality

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English 8-5 22 November 2013 Conformity over Individuality In life many people try to change who you are. There are two ways to take this, conforming or being individual. I believe that conformity is better than individuality for a few reasons. These reasons include, others have more experience, we do not know everything about life, and conformity is needed to be successful. No matter who you are or where you may be, there is always someone with more experience who knows better. Take the common example of parents and their children, while the children may think they know the best for themselves their parents usually know better. This is because our parents have already gone through childhood and adolescence and dealt with similar predicaments. Having gone through these events and witnessing the outcome of their choice gives them an advantage when dealing with problems similar to theirs. Many people argue that times change and people of a previous generation do not know what to do with problems of their generation. This is true but society doesn’t change after just a generation or two, it gradually changes and the previous generation will always have had similar problems that we as in this generation experience. If your belief is so extreme that you would not conform no matter what, what is the harm of getting some advice? It will still and always be up to you how you solve that predicament. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, our pros and cons, what we know and what we don’t know. No one person in the whole world contains all the knowledge of the universe and no person can. An example is, to get through life with all these other organisms and species we must have knowledge about them. We must know many things about each organism such as their prey, their predators, or how dangerous. As I previously stated one person alone cannot contain all this
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