Describe The Actions To Take In Response To Emergency Situations Essay

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2.4 Describe the actions to take in response to emergency situations FIRE Calm the class asking the children to stand and collect register if its in the classroom Leave the classroom in an orderly manner via the external door and walk to the designated SAFE PLACE If the fire is near your exit point or you are in an area other than class leave the building by your nearest safe exit When class has assembled on the yard staff will call the register.This must be done in SILENCE class standing all together Any missing children MUST be reported to the headteacher immediately NO ONE is to return to the building under any circumstances Each member of staff must hold their register up when ALL children are accounted for SECURITY INCIDENTS (strangers ) Any stranger seen…show more content…
All other staff available will conduct a thorough search of the childs classroom, play area,toilets, the school building and the grounds If the child is not found within a very short period of time, the police must be called by the headteacheror a member of staff Members od staff, who are not supervising children,will be sent to search the area in the immediate vicinity of the school If a child goes missing during an outing or school visit, the teacher in charge must ensure the remaining children are safely cared for by the other staff and adults. An urgent but thorough search should be made of the immediate vicinity and if the child is not found quickly the police must be called and the headteacher notified. If in an enclosed space the appropriate staff in that enviroment can be initially informed before calling the police, for instance to give a message over the tannoy As soon as possible, the parents and social worker (where appropriate) will be notified that their child is missing If a member of staff finds the child the headteacher must be told at once. Parents,police and other authorities will be
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