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What is safeguarding? According to Working together to safeguard children (HM Government 2013), safeguarding is referred to as “the action we take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm - is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play.” (1) Which means that everybody who comes into contact with children whether it be in a professional capacity for example a teacher, a doctor, or a police officer who are legally obligated to care for vulnerable citizens, or in an everyday encounter for example a neighbour or family member is responsible for the protection of children from harm and reporting concerns to the appropriate body. How do we safeguard young people?…show more content…
The groups involved are: Police: The police have the responsibility of intervening in a situation where they believe a vulnerable group or individual are at risk, but they also have a duty of care over children and young people in their care to protect them from harm both physical and psychological. Parents: Parental responsibility governs both biological parents and Legal guardians and holds the individual responsible for the Childs wellbeing and progression. The parents are also given power of attorney over the child and must be consulted when medical procedures are required. Teachers: teachers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children under their care whilst at school but are also required to raise the alarm if there is evidence of abuse outside of their classroom. Teacher are required to follow both school procedures and government guidelines when dealing with children under their care this may include referring the child or family to outside organisations such as medical professionals, social workers or even police. Social services: Social services are the local authority department who deal with family who are in any way in breach of the current legislation and may intervene on behalf of any other organisation if suspicion of harm or neglect is

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