Child Protection Within the Wider Concept of Safeguarding

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Child protection is part of the wider work to help safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, in regards to the activity that is used to protect children who are being abused or neglected. It involved protecting children from being mistreated. And prevent impairment of a child's development and health to ensure that they are raised in a positive way, and in a safe and caring environments. Parents and carers who fail to protect or care for their children might have to go to court, and they may have their child/children taken away from them and put into care. This doesn't happen very happen and each case varies on how critical and important the case was. If the case was that the children were coming to harm on a regular basis then social services would seek to remove the child/children, but they usually give help and advice to the parents to stop any harm coming to the child/children. Wider forms of safeguarding are as follows:- Risk assessments providing safe environments inside and outside the school setting. Procedures and legislation health and safety, fire drills, register, etc. keeping training up-to-date in safeguarding issues. Assessment observations to help identify any additional support that is needed. Keeping children safe from accidents laws and procedures, working with other agencies. Crime and bullying. Forced marriages gender inequality, poverty, negative traditional or religious practices, failure to enforce laws, conflicts, disasters and emergency. Missing children in schools, check register, check offsite record, check transition activities, notify head teacher/deputy head, after 10 mins parent notified. School outings, once realised missing, one or more adults search, visit leader will contact school to alert them that a child has gone missing, after 5 mins the police are alerted and parents are informed by
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