Similarities of Bruno and Schmuel

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Tragedy Film Essay The movie ‘’The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’’ is about two boys, Bruno and Schmuel, who grow up during the World War II in Berlin. Bruno is an eight year old whose father is a high ranking Nazi officer. Schmuel, is also eight years old, and is a Jewish child trapped in a concentration camp. Bruno has no idea about the concentration camps and is enjoying his life. Soon Bruno and Schmuel meet and we find they are completely different. Bruno’s from Germany and Schmuel’s from Poland. Schmuel is poor and Bruno lives in a rich family. Both are different but still similar. Their similarities show us how they weren’t different at all. Bruno and Schmuel may seem to be different but they are similar in many ways. One similarity is the love they have for their parents. For example; Bruno had a suspicion there was something going on with his father and Bruno was determined to find out if he was a good human being, so, when he saw the video of the concentration camps, he was overwhelmed with joy and was glad that his father was just trying to help the Jews. As for Schmuel, he wanted to find his father and never stopped looking. He was also determined. Bruno was in town and Schmuel was in a concentration camp with no one to talk to so he got very lonely. For example; Bruno was very bored and wanted to find someone to talk to and play with. Schmuel is also lonely because he is stuck in a concentration camp with no family and is scared. Another similarity of Bruno and Schmuel is that they live in a not very nice environment. For example; Bruno lives near a concentration camp where he can smell the debris of human flesh and can see the black cloud of smoke coming out of the chimney. Schmuel is living in bad conditions where he starves, can’t shower, and sleeps in an overcrowded room with people who carry diseases.
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