What Is The Relationship Between Elie And His Father's Relationship

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Henry Jiang Jiang 1 Patterson Night Essay rough draft 23 March 2012 Relationships Fall Apart The little boat nimbly navigate at the peacefully coast. What could been a gentle voyage at then mild ocean. Come unexpectedly, an unwieldy cruelly place on that small boat. The little boat become heavy and heavier and can’t hold any more. Then the bull bottom began to scrape on the solid reef. Finally, the small boat stuck. Just as Elie at the end of the book, his father became a big burden to him, so their relationships turn…show more content…
He was beaten by an SS officer. He was very sick, and couldn’t work anymore. In the beginning, Elie was very worried about his father, but a few days later Elie and his father’s relationships became worse. The burden from his father has been too much work, so it was a board to happen. After Blockalteste told Elie that he is in a concentration camp, he shouldn’t care about anyone else except himself even his old father. Elie began to thinks about what Blockaltest had told him, “Too late to save your old father----You could have two ration of bread, two rations of soup----“(111). When the SS officer was beating his father in front of Elie. Normally human been would protect his father getting hurt, but he chose to do nothing and just watched his old father getting whipped, because he was afraid to get hurt. Next morning when Elie found out his father got took away, he didn't weep anymore. Next few days, Elie said, “from time to time, I would dream. But only about soup, an extra ration of soup” (113). He didn’t do anything for his father because his father such as a huge weight to him, so Elie needs to get over his

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