Compare and Contrast

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Compare/Contrast Essay How did the conditions surrounding Mike from “The Moustache”by…. and Greg from “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”by….. influence them when they faced the main problem in each story? Their actions were affected by what had been happening to them before they encountered the problem. Greg and Mike both were going through uncomfortable situations. Mike was being teased and looked at differently due to his moustache, and Greg was having serious trouble with grades and therefore couldn’t play for a team. Both Mike and Greg went through unpleasant moments because of their conditions. Due to his moustache, Mike’s grandmother confused him with his dead grandfather; she treated Mike as if he were her husband and made him feel bewildered. On the other hand, Greg was having problems with his dad due to his bad grades. That caused Greg to go to an old house, where he found Lemon Brown, where he was terrified for some minutes and experienced a dangerous situation. Though Mike and Greg both faced similar unpleasant situations before facing the main problem, they were also different in several ways. Mike came from a high maybe you could use UPPER middle class family while Greg came from a lower middle class background. Mike was not having academic problems in school and dated a girlfriend; he had a relatively stress-free life. Greg, on the other hand, was having serious academic problems at school and consequently couldn’t do what he most wanted: play in the basketball team. Actions are preceded by a series of events. Greg’s bad grades precluded him from playing with the basketball team and Mike’s moustache caused his grandmother to confuse him with his grandfather. The conditions of Mike from “The Moustache” and Greg from “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” influence them when they faced the main problem. So, the next time you take a decision, be sure it’s
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