Exemplification Essay: The Hennessy Family

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The Hennessy family has asked for my help with trying to figure out why Mr. Hennessy is an alcoholic and try to get him to stop. The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Hennessy, their two year old daughter, and ten year old son. Mrs. Hennessy has become concerned because Mr. Hennessy had started drinking a lot recently and the problem recently progressed. He had a stable job but recently got fired because of a drinking and driving incident. He has become a violent drunk and has come close to beating his wife but hasn’t done it. Mrs. Hennessy has threatened to leave him but doesn’t want to ruin their relationship they once so beautifely shared. He was willing to take counseling and I’m thinking of doing a case study and naturalistic observation.…show more content…
The hatred he has for his father was bottled up inside him and the trigger was when his mother died. To cope with everything he turned to drinking, as probably his father did as well, and involuntarily fell into his father footsteps. His father lived poor and his parents abandoned him forcing him to be homeless and fend for himself at a young age he was never told this until his mother died because she had promised never to tell his story because he wanted to keep his honor. His hatred for his father faded a bit but never forgave him for beating his mother and being the cause of her death. He hates that he became like his father, an alcoholic, he wants to stop and be better for his family and instead of following in his father’s footsteps he wants to be better and make his own. I studied him while interacting with his family and his wife seems distant from him and kind of scared to anger him. His children are also scared of him and his ten year old son seems to be angry with him and has barely any respect for him. His two year old daughter, though still a baby, seems scared of him too. He tries to talk to them normally but fails because of his past

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