Lost Faith In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Night Have you ever felt alone, lost faith, no more hope in staying alive any more? Well Elie and his father did while in a Jewish concentration Camps for a whole year, going from one camp to another. This event of the Holocaust didn’t just change everyone on who was taken from the homes and put into a ghetto. But it had a big effect on Elie’s belief in God, hope, and wondering whether or not he will be able to survive living in the concentration camps. Elie had a simple, normal child’s life before he was sent to a concentration camp. Elie was carefree, happy and believed in god fully. He lived with his family in Sighet, Transylvania with his two sisters, and parents. His father was the well respected man in the town, the shop keeper. Everyone knew his dad. He was more into his work than spending time with Elie and the rest of the family. Elie want to learn…show more content…
And the only thing that kept him going was his dad but the chance of getting separated from his dad was devastating for him. He was constantly hit with life and death situations throughout the whole year he spent going from camp to camp. Elie and his father had to lie about their age to even stay alive. “Here, Kid, how old are you?” “Eighteen” This helps keep him from being burned in the crematory. He was scared, felt lonely and wanted to do anything to stay alive. Elie learned from this whole devastating event in History. He didn’t continue to struggle as much as he did in the camps. He had no more family with him or alive. Elie was bitter in a way. He took a vow of ten years of silence before ever speaking or writing the books, “Night, Dawn, and Day” about the hard ships of being a Jew at this time in the world. Yes, he did have a new goal in life which was too let people know about not just what happened to him but all the others that suffered and had to make life changing

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