Forensic Study: Robert Hansen

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Case Study: Robert Hansen History and the Crime Robert Hansen was born February 15, 1939 in Estherville, Iowa. He grew up as an antisocial child due to bad acne and a stuttering problem which led him to have few friends . His father was very strict and forced him to work many hours at the bakery which he owned. He was a small, straggly child and although he was left-handed, his father forced him to be right handed, contributing even more to his stuttering problem because of the increased frustration. After graduating high school he enlisted in the Army Reserves and after basic training he worked mostly in his father’s bakery. In 1960 he fell in love and was married soon after. However, not long after being married Hansen was arrested for arson of a school bus garage and served twenty months in prison during which time his wife divorced him . While the impact of this divorce will not be seen until later, this action only caused more self esteem issues with Hansen who already had emotional problems. After being released from prison Hansen was married again within a few years, but also at this point was arrested for several small robberies. He was never formally charged with these crimes; however, when questioned about them he said he did them for the rush he received . Soon after, he and his wife moved to Anchorage, Alaska where he started a bakery and began to become successful and respected in the local community. It was here in the woodlands of Alaska that Hansen began to hunt avidly and he actually won several notorieties for large animals he killed with both rifles and arrows. At this time Anchorage was a relatively sleazy area with many strip clubs and prostitutes on the streets. Hansen soon began to show an interest in the women that worked these street corners. In 1982 two off-duty policemen were out hunting near the Knik River just outside of

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