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Dead and buried By Corey Mitchell Byron Hargis David Goode PSY-255 12/3/2012 The book Dead And Buried is really a story of Rex Allan Krebs, a thirty-three year old serial rapist out on parole. On the night of November 12, 1998 in the town of San Luis Obispo, California, a young female college student Rachel Newhouse was walking home alone after a night out with friends. She was never seen again. On the night of March 11, 1999, another young female student Aundria Crawford, 20 was in her bed asleep in her apartment in San Luis Obispo. It would be the last time she would stay in her own apartment. The cause of the two young girls disappearances was one man, a convicted rapist Rex Krebs. Rex Krebs saw and stalked Rachel…show more content…
Rex was in trouble again for stealing two cars and received a three-year sentence to a Correctional Institution in Cottonwood, Idaho. Again while in prison Rex stayed out of trouble, but did not seek any help for his many problems. I think this is one of Rex Krebs major downfalls, because of what you taught us in class this semester, if you catch these problems early the better off you are at any kind of treatment. In 1987, after serving three years behind bars, Rex Krebs was released. His mother called him to see if he wanted to live with her and her new husband. She had moved to Oceano, California, a small coastal town about fifteen miles south of the town of San Luis Obispo. Rex was more than willing to leave Idaho, and agreed to move in with his mother and new husband. While in California, Rex began to use heroin and alcohol, and return to his old ways. Just months after his release from prison. Rex was arrested for the rape of Shelly Crosby and the attempted rape of Anishka Constantine in 1987. The judge sentenced Krebs to twenty years in prison. The judge encouraged Rex to participate in as many programs as possible while behind bars to avoid becoming a repeat sex offender. Rex was sent

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