Life During The Great Depression

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The Great Depression The Great Depression was the biggest economic crash in the history of the United States. The Great Depression started in 1929 and ended in 1939. There are several reasons that help lead these big crises (the Great depression) The stock markets increased and the falls. 1. The Stock market crash- in New York October 29, 1929. This event was also known as “The Great Wall Street Crash of 1829 “and ‘black Tuesday”. Businesses traded nearly 16 million shares that was 4 times the normal Amount. This event is also known as the start of the Great Depression. 2. Bank Failures during the 1930s over 8,000 banks failed. The Money was an uninsured and for this people lost their Savings. 3.Pucheaseing lesion across the board when…show more content…
But few died from starvation. The Children during the great depression to on jobs when their parents could not or when they needed more money. Some children raised their siblings due to parents being gone to work half the time. Some children found themselves comforting their parents due to depression or over whelming stress. When people were evicted from their house the sometimes would have to use pieces of lumbar and cardboard boxes they would build miny houses or shacks and call them “hoovervilles” they named them after president hover because so many people thought that it was his fault that the depression had started. Homerville’s had no electricity and no running water. Man hoovervilles were next to rivers or firehouse plugs but they where allowed due to how bad the economy was. In January 1931 new York opened bread lines that feed 85,000 people a day the soup was often called taste less often no vegetables many men were humiliated by being in bread lines. But other minorities other then whites had it worse over 50 percent of African Americans where unemployed and those that did have jobs were normally fired and replaced by white workers. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as president in 1933. The plan to fix the great depression was called “The New Deal” in this Roosevelt promosied a new deal to the people it had focused on 3 major goal: relief for for the needy , economic recovery ,and financial reform. On march 5 roosevelt closed all banks saying it was a holiday but really did it so that no withdrawls could be made. He then persuaded congress to use the emergenacy Banking relief.ACT. when he got permension.and got treasuary department to inspect the countrys bank those that were good could reopen those that couldn’t pay off debts remained closed.On March 12 he gave a speech radio talks isseed public concerns, and
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