Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Success of His New Deal

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Success of His New Deal The American economy started weakening by the middle of the1920s. However, over investment and speculating in stocks inflated their prices that contributed to the delusion of a robust economy. Since stocks were the hottest commodity to invest in, people borrowed money and used their stocks as collateral to the banks.The Great Depression was considered started on Black Thursday October 24th, 1929 when the New York Stock Exchange collapsed in the greatest market crash with the Dow closed at 316.38, and the plunge continued until the Dow reached its low of 41.22 in 1932. When the stocks values dropped, people were not able to pay for their debts while the banks just held worthless collaterals. Many banks declared bankruptcies because they could not get back their money from stock investors. Thousands of banks failed to keep the money from flowing to the market that resulted in a widening circle of bankruptcies and job layoffs.Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election by a landslide over Herbert Hoover in November 1932 and was inaugurated the following March. He had the first presidential speech when “the stock market was down eighty percent from its 1929 high, almost half the banks had failed, the GDP was down fifty percent, and unemployment stood at twenty five percent” (79). Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed the problems that Americans needed to overcome, and gave out the New Deal programs started from1933 to 1939 that were successful in addressing the Great Depression. The first phase of the New Dealwas called relief that helped millions of suffering Americans as soon as possible. Many people wanted to withdraw their money out of the banks because they were afraid of losing money. People’s belief in the American economy system was down terribly. To rescue the financial system,Franklin D.
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