John Wayne Gacy

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One of the most prolific criminal in U.S. history comes in the form of a clown. As simple, happy and fun loving a clown may seem “Pogo” the clown or also known as John Wayne Gacy is far from simple, happy, and fun loving due to the fact that he had a series of mental disturbances and was a serial killer. Like most serial killers Gacy had a history of violence causing the trend to continue in sexually assaulting and killing 33 young men. Residing in a small suburb of Chicago, Gacy was able to manipulate the people around him to keep his cover as a good citizen and as a person everyone knows and cares about. In the ides of March of 1942, John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago, Illinois to a loving mother and a drunken father who would beat Gacy and his siblings. Dealing with a series of health and heart issues Gacy was isolated and rejected during his early childhood years resulting the homosexual feelings that Gacy later realized. Due to his urges and his homosexual feelings Gacy sexually assaulted two boys and was convicted for a ten year span in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. In 1970 Gacy was granted parole for the sexual assault after serving 18 months of a ten year sentence. After his release Gacy was able to obtain a job as a short order cook for a brief time before starting his company. During this time Gacy was a well liked individual in the society and played a role as an entertainer for parties dressing as a clown. In 1970, Gacy was again accused for rape and sexual assault but due to the fact that the boy disappeared mysteriously all charges were dropped. This wasn’t the first time that a charge of sexual assault was dropped from a missing boy; there were in fact two cases against Gacy this happened. Gacy would choose young men and boys from the ages of 14-18, white with brown hair. Gacy was clever enough to choose young males because the police

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