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AP Language & Composition Summer Assignment: Reflective Letter Dear Mr. Navas, My name is _________ (the girl who came in your class with Ms. Maloney and 3 essays begging to get a spot in your AP class.) This is my life story, you wrote on the summer assignments paper that this reflective letter should be two pages, I’m sorry to tell you but you may have to read a little more than two. When it comes to my life and a prompted that’s asking me to write about it I go all in. At only 16 years old I’ve seen and gone through enough. Enough to help someone who wants to commit suicide, or someone who’s been sexually assaulted, or abused, and for those who’ve lost a loved one. You can see me at school with a smile on my face and a bunch of friends surrounding me, but there’s more to me. This is my story. How I was lost, sexually assaulted, hurt, depressed, went through grieve, and finally how I recovered. I was the first born and was the only child till I was six, but during those six years I witness my mother getting hit by my father and him being drunk every day and never home. I was scared and didn’t know if this was okay and normal for my parents but what I did know is whenever it happened I was hiding and covering my ears. My dad would go on drinking binges for days with his cousins and would never be home, my mom would worry and leave me to go find him, usually he was at a bar or at his cousins house and she would bring him home. That’s when things would get throw, slaps would be heard, cries as well, and another beer opening. It got worse and not only was he hitting my mom but now me as well. This continued till I was about 11 or 12. My dad cheated on my mom, my mom kicked him out and he didn’t come back for about a week or so. Then my mom cheated on my dad with his cousin and it got ugly a fight between my parents broke out again and I walk outside my room

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