Kepner Middle School: A Short Story

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Have you ever told a lie and enjoyed it, but in the end it comes back to bite you back? This happened to me in eighth grade at Kepner Middle School. That year was so chaotic for me. Me bringing illegal contents and being caught didn't help. The last week of school before Christmas break, I walked into the big halls of the school. As I was shaking the melting snow off my clothes, the odor of gym class and dish soap filled the moist warm air of the long halls. My hair was drenched from being outside. It made my ears freeze like an iceberg. As I made my way up to my classroom, I saw my friend Ana staring at the "Kepner Dolphin Pride” bulletin board. It seemed like everything in the halls was teal and gold, which were our school colors. There were dolphins everywhere. Ana and I made our way up to the lockers outside our first period. When we got there I whispered, "Check this out!" I pulled my sharp, silver and black, five inch knife out of my pink and black Tinker Bell purse. "Oh!!" she said taking a step back while squeaking her wet tennis shoes in the floor. During lunch Ana and my other friend…show more content…
I was wrong. Everyday, all day, I had to have an escort everywhere I went. Even to go to the bathroom. They would call Mrs. Naso or the vise principal Mrs. Chalmers to take me anywhere I went. One time I tried to sneak away at lunch but they found me in a matter of minutes. Also once a week at random times, I had to have body checks and my entire bad dumped in the clinic. I would get so angry that I tried kicking the nurse once or twice. It was not only embarrassing but also irritating. I am now a sophomore at Southwest Early College and I realized that I put myself in bad situations and lie. But it only grows and turns into an even bigger thing. Eventually it comes out and it can eat at your conscious. When I can't be trusted I know why and I know it's my own

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