Personal Narrative: Brennan High School

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Older people always tell me they would re-do there high school years over again, but not me. Graduation day had to be the best day of my life, finally my senior year was over. I could finally get away from the horrible memories I had and start over. I couldn’t believe I made it through Brennan High School. A lot of people always think Brennan High School is for bad kids, kids that get kicked out of school that might be true for a few but most of us were there for emotional problems. Threw all my years of high school senior year was the only year I wasn’t in a psych ward. The last memory I really have of high school was getting punched in the face by a male student. He was starting with my two favorite teachers calling them very derogatory…show more content…
Brennan High School has a level system five being the best one being the worst. The only time I was ever on level five was my junior year. Junior year was a little bit better for me except I went to another psych ward for the third time I was definitely my worst enemy. I was there for depression and anxiety also suicidal thoughts, and that was the first year I’ve ever cut myself. I don’t remember why I cut myself but it made me feel better that I was causing my own pain and in those moments I felt relieved that no one else was hurting me but myself. Besides cutting myself I drank a lot to relieve my pain and forget everything. I vaguely remember this one night where I got ossified drunk and forgot that night all I remember was my mom picking me up at the Babylon train station. Apparently my mom changed my clothes and put me to bed. The next day I was supposed to see my dad after he had his spinal surgery, I was so hung-over I passed out after taking a shower. I’ve never felt so horrible in my life knowing I let my mom and dad down. In the middle of junior year I got into I fight because I male student in my class called me a very horrible name. I got suspended for two days because I punched him in the face a couple times and had to get pulled off of him by three teachers, that was the first time I’ve ever got
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