Single Mom with Troubled Teen Essay

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Single Mom with Troubled Teen To know me, you must first understand that I am a single mom with a troubled teen. Every time I tell people, they have some suggestions or antidotes for me to help with my son’s behaviors. Nothing is working and it is getting worse. Being a single mom is challenging and difficult at times. I literally kneel down on my knees, cry and sob till there are no more tears that can fall from my eyes. Then I rock myself to sleep on that same floor. In the morning I wake up, clean my face, wake up my son, and I try so hard not to show the previous night of agony. My son's father passed away. We lost him due to a car accident the day my son turned 18 months old. The driver of the car he was in had been drinking and took away the most important thing any son needs. It has been very difficult raising my son without his father because he needs that male role model in his life. My son has also experienced a lot of trauma in his life. Including losing his father at a young age, he was molested by an uncle at age 3 and has been beaten by my ex-boyfriend. He is very confused, sad, scared, lonesome, depressed, and angry. I have taken him to a psychiatrist and they diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. My son’s behavior is getting too much for me to handle. He has been suspended from school multiple times this school year, he is currently failing all of his classes, and he is having problems at home, as well. He completely ignores me, and has no respect for anyone at all. He pushes everyone around and disappears from time to time. My son has some legal issues too. He got angry one night about 3 months ago when I told him he couldn't cuss at me so he punched me in the face. I called the police because I had made the decision he wasn’t coming back to my home without something changing. We went to court and he was put on

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