Serious Failings in the Care System

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Serious Failings In Care- Daniel Pelka Trial The Daniel Pelka trial highlighted the horrific abuse that the 4 year old boy suffered at the hands of his Mother and her abusive partner. However it also displayed a clear lack of attentiveness and communication between the people who could of taken responsibility for the childs wellbeing. Daniel Pelka was found dead in 2012, and the circumstances surrounding his death were horrendous by nature. The cause of death was found to be primarily starvation, although the child displayed clear signs of long term abuse, and was described by medical professionals as 'resembling a concentration camp victim', due to the severity of his abuse and weighing over a stone below the average expected weight of a child his age. His Mother, Magdalena Luczak and her partner, Mariusz Krezolek were subsequently tried and convicted of a series of abuse charges, which included imprisoning the boy for several years and force feeding him salt. However the case highlighted a number of flaws in the social system, which had they been recognised could have prevented the events that occured. Teachers at the school had recognised that the child was abnormally small for his age, and he has frequently been found attempting to smuggle food from the school, yet no one noticed these trigger points and acted accordingly. The schools sole visit came only when Daniel's attendance had reached abnormally low levels, this being conducted by a school nurse, who although referring him to a pediatrician and providing vitamins (which he never recieved) did not follow the case any further and didnt provide the duty of care needed. Doctors and other medical professionals had also treated Daniel for injuried on numerous occasions over several years, yet much in the same way did not proceed to investigate any further, and so Daniels abuse continued. When a serious case
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