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When living is making life hell just keep on moving forward. The main character and the author in the book, Night, is Elie Wiesel. The book Night is about a family going to a concentration camp called, Auschwitz. He had to make some major life choices, and choices about his religion. Also, how he changes throughout the book is very noticeable. Elie, had to make a few major life-threatening decisions at the concentration camp. He had one major one with his dad. He would do almost anything for his dad in the beginning. But, his dad was getting beat up and him or his dad could not move. And when his dad disappears over night, he did not care about life anymore. He cared for his dad to a great extent. Also, when the dentist wanted his gold crown out of his mouth. He did not want to go so he made up an excuse not to get it removed. “I don’t feel very well…”(59) he said. From that moment on, he was starting to take the camp much more serious, because he was scared. When they first arrived he went with his dad instead of his mom. And by the end of the first night he had…show more content…
At the beginning him and his family had no problem with fasting. Fasting is when you go without all food. But by the end his dad said no to him fasting in the camp. The week does not last long at the concentration camps. His belief was off and on through out the book. At one point he will be all out for his religion, but at other times he barley follows it at all. “I looked at our house, where I had spent so many years in search for my God,”(28) this was right before they were getting ready to be deported. After he got to the concentration camp, he got a sense of disbelief. From seeing and smelling all of the burning flesh of people. Throughout the book him praying became few and far apart. At the beginning Moche asked him “Why do you pray?” And Elie answered by sayng “Why did I pray? A strange question. Why did I live? Why did I

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