Summary Of 'The Doll' By Charles W. Chesnutt

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Jeanette Castro Essay #5 In the short story by Charles W. Chesnutt named “The Doll” the author narrates a day in the life of a Negro barbershop owner, named Tom Taylor. His daughter gives him a doll after his lunchtime, so he can fix it and give it to her in the afternoon. Tom Taylor goes to work and hangs the doll in a spot he won’t forget; meanwhile he gets a customer at the barber shop. But it wasn’t just any customer it was the person who he had been dreaming of killing, because he had killed his father; Colonel Forsyth. At first he is not aware that this is the person who took his father’s life until the Colonel starts telling a story about how he gained the respect of the colored people and how in south states colored people are not the same as white people. Tom encounters different types of feeling while hearing their conversation regarding how his father was killed. During this time he thinks about all his options and the consequences if he decides to take the Colonel life. The Idea of the author on this story is how back in the day Negro people had no voice and…show more content…
He starts thinking about the responsibility he has as a business man with the people who work with him. He also thinks about the fact that he would be killing the dreams of many African American who were trying to succeed in a white man’s world. Having achieved what no other African American has reached, trying to create a place for his family and advancing in social ways with white people. He is left to choose between revenge or to continue to be a colored citizen model. As the story indicates he was so close to following his intuition; “a deflection of half of an inch and he would have avenged his father’s death.” The author enlightens us over the racial conflicts and lack of justice for the African Americans during this
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