Battle Royal By Ralph Ellison Literary Analysis

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XXXXXXXXXXXX ENG 102/D01 Textual Analysis 12 June 2008 The Color within Me What would you do if placed in a society that everything you were was not the norm; and what would you do to prevail over the odds, and try to over come such obstacles that stand in your way? In the story Battle Royal, by Ralph Ellison is about a naive young colored man that loses all his fights in this unrealistic society dominated by white men, but in the end still prevails to win the battle. We can see three forms of discrimination which are repression (emotional), suppression (mental), and oppression (physical). All of these types of methods were use in the story to control the underclass (Black men) in a society which was not so easy for them to…show more content…
He was emotionally overjoyed and overwhelmed by the gifts the white men given him, even though from that point on he had nightmares for many year of his grandfather until he attend college. Here’s where the speaker has an epiphany and realized he had a bigger purpose then just to fight in he Battle Royal, and finally stared to go in the right direction where his grandfather wanted him to go in the first…show more content…
One battle consists internally, in which he struggles with personal issues since the death of his grandfather, while trying to find his own true identity and being content with it. The other battle is externally, which he actually makes physical contact with his own peer to prove his acceptance to the greater society of white men around him. While being very naive, he struggles to find himself in a serious predicament, fighting in a boxing ring to prove worthy of associating with the white men; however, he comes to a striking epiphany at the end of the story and discovers the true meaning behind his grandfather’s last dying words. In a sense, he matures after experiencing a series of events that took place in the Battle royal. This story also had a really good example of the “hero’s journey,” in which the speaker goes through series of event to end up back where he started, but with more knowledge then he set forth with. There are about six important events in which the speaker comes to terms with, which he then understands his destiny in life more

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