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KR-J1: In “The Kite Runner”, by Khaled Hosseini, family was very important. It was a recurring topic that made its way in just about every chapter of this book. The family that was focused on was that of Amir, and his father who was known as Baba. Amir was a child that did not feel accepted by his father, and felt the need to impress him at any moment that was presented to him. Baba was a typical father that expected his son to be into athletic things such as soccer and such, and when Amir tried things of that nature, he felt bad because he was not as good as Baba had hoped. But one thing that interested both Amir and Baba was the Kite tournament. It was Amir’s dream to win the tournament so that Baba could be proud of something that he did. Later on throughout the story, Amir won that tournament and in order to show Baba the winning kite, the price he had to pay was to watch his friend Hassan get raped. In Chapter 7 Amir states, “I actually aspired to cowardice, because the alternative, the real reason I was running, was that Assef was right: Nothing was free in this world. Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba.” In this quote Hassan stole the blue kite for Amir but Assef and his two friends wanted it, but Amir did not help Hassan. Instead, Amir ran away like a coward. He wanted the blue kite that Hassan stole for him, but he didn’t want to help pay the price, instead he felt that Hassan was the price to pay. He thought that Hassan was like his own sacrifice; Hassan got raped just because he wanted to get the blue kite for his friend Amir. Amir wanted to impress his father, Baba, so he assumed that blue kite would win over his father’s love and approval. In this part of the story, Hassan was the sacrifice Amir had to make get Baba’s affection. After this incident, Hassan didn’t really speak to anyone, but Baba was praising

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