Remember the Titans

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Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, is a film set in 1971 in Alexandria, south America. It is a true story about how two racially segregated schools amalgamate and how the high school football team and coaches cope with the change. Through the setting of the challenges and triumphs of the high school football team, the film explores how racism can be overcome through friendship and teamwork. Boaz Yakin uses characterization, setting, dialogue, narration, music and lighting to convey the theme of overcoming racism throughout the film. The film deals with the impacts of racism and how friendship and teamwork can overcome it. Characterization is very important in the film and there are many relationships which show how racism is overcome in the film. The most important of these is the relationship between coach’s Boone and Yoast and teammates Gerry and Julius. For example, at the beginning of the film, Coach Yoast who has lost his job to Coach Boone only stays on as assistant out of his loyalty to the white players. But by the conclusion of the film, his friendship and respect for Coach Boone helps not only the team win, but helps the community to overcome racist attitudes towards Coach Boone. At a pivotal match where the umpires deliberately make bad calls towards the Titans so that Coach Boone would lose the match and his job. Coach Yoast threatens to expose the match rigging and in doing so his dreams of being inducted into the hall of fame are destroyed. However even though this was important to Coach Yoast and he did want his job back. Coach Yoast is a man of integrity and his actions had a big impact in turning the white community around. Another example of Coach Yoast’s integrity in a device of overcoming racism is when he would not let Allen’s father blame Coach Boone for the benching of his son and interrupts him just before he makes a racist

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