Remember the Titans

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In the movie “Remember the Titans” a southern community during the civil rights movement witnessed integration. There were predetermined stereotypes towards both races, which was over come through the communities’ passion for football. This film also illustrated how the issue of integration could be accepted into American society through the direct stories of the players on the team. Sunshine, a California born hippy was introduced to the team while at football camp, at first he was judged and discriminated on by both black and white players. However within a short time of the boys playing together friendships had formed and the judgments were lost. This was foreshadowing the way that the relationships and perceptions on integration and race would be handled within this community. An accurate perception of all races being accepted from the start would be between Louie Lastik and Rev. They bonded by singing and quickly became friends with no regard towards their difference in races, they knew each other as friends and teammates not as black and white boys. From the beginning there were many examples of inaccurate perception of race. The history before the civil rights movement had left the majority of people in this generation to hate the opposing race, which explains the amount of inaccurate perceptions. For example, Gerry Bertier and Julius were two teammates that initially hated each other. Bertier, the white team captain and Julius was a black player that was just as good as Bertier. The tension of race as well as other social pressures kept their friendship from forming for most of the film and illustrated the difficulty of integration during this time. However by the end of the movie this inaccurate perception was overcome and these two become “brothers”. Another example of conflict would be between both the white and black coaches, Boone and Yoast. Coach

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