Martin Luther King Jr Obstacles

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This political cartoon strongly depicts the progression of African Americans and their involvement in politics as well as leadership. The progression is evident from as far back as the Martin Luther King Jr. era until today. By Martin Luther King Jr. being a prominent African American leader during the civil rights movement, it is admirable to see a little over 50 years later, an African American male in his second term of presidency. What is even more admirable is to know that America itself is the reason why this change occurred. Martin Luther King Jr. will forever be recognized and partially held responsible for the changes that took place as a result of the civil rights movement. His brave commitment to voicing his opinion and his determination…show more content…
The lack of words on the cartoon gives the audience a chance to elaborately analyze each leader and their work ethic as well as efforts. Martin Luther King Jr. is recognized for his brave yet evident contribution to better the country for African Americans sake as well as the people in general. The many achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. will never go unnoticed. President Barack Obama is highly favored amongst the black community for being the first African American male granted the opportunity, by a mostly white country, to make a change and push us even closer towards being equal all the way across the board. It has been said that he is admired by the white community as well for his constant struggle with trying to fix the mistakes of those that were in office before him while pleasing Americans and making things more beneficial for them (Caucasians) simultaneously. Although the two faces on the cartoon along with their respective time periods are relatively different, the missions of the leaders are very much so alike. Some may feel as though it is over exaggerate and unfair to compare these two dominant leaders to one another. However, with careful observation of both leaders and their work along with the results of such, it is incontestable that Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way for other African Americans such as Obama and others that may potentially follow
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