Similarities Between George Schuyler And Sherman Alexie

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George Schuyler and Sherman Alexie have taken strong stances and written novels highlighting issues of race problems in America. Although both novels were written decades apart they definitely mirror each other to a certain extent. Schuyler’s addresses race issues in his novel Black No More through a humorous & satirical fashion yet he is still able to get his philosophy across in a manner that is taken very seriously. Alexie too presents his beliefs in Flight through a similar fashion, utilizing an almost malicious sense of humor but profound references to racism throughout. The element that ties these two novels together is the incorporation of magical realism in both. Via this magical realism the readers see the protagonists transcend racial…show more content…
His top priority as a white man is to locate Helen and win her. However he has no luck for a while and must find a job. Furthermore during all the searching Matthew begins to observe that white life isn’t as superior as he has thought, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as African American life, and in fact white life is actually rather difficult and materialistic. Schuyler displays how assimilating into a general attitude is much easier than opposing it. Matthew has successfully fooled people into believing that he is a white man who supports white racial purity. Whilst trying to find a job a job Matthew comes across the Knights of Nordica, a society whose sole purpose is to fight for white purity. In order to get a job with the he uses eloquent speech and impresses the Imperial Grand Wizard of Knights of Nordica. To Matthew’s pleasant surprise, the Grand Wizard is so impressed that he offers his daughter’s hand, who turns out to be Helen! Matthew ignores all the discrimination he has faced and pretends to believe in something that he absolutely doesn’t. Why? He lies for convenience, through this he has found a job and he is even able to cover up his colored past. Matthew feels like he must be a racist Caucasian in order to live a good life and maintain Helen’s love for him. Matthew had become an entirely different person as he tried to be the ‘whitest’ Caucasian of them

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