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BILLY ELLIOT We all have dreams that we want to become reality. But sometimes it is not that easy, because of people who are spoiling our dreams, and are trying to make it harder for us, to live them out. But if we just believe in ourselves and our dreams, it will happen for us someday. The movie “Billy Elliot” tells us why it is important for us, to work hard for our dreams. We are in the northern part of England under the miner strike in 1984-1985. In the strike Billy Elliot’s father and big brother are included. Billy Elliot is an 11 years old boy, who lives with his father, big brother and grandmother in Durham. Billy is boxing in his spare time, but during the story he is getting more and more interested in ballet instead of boxing. Jackie Elliot is the father of Billy Elliot, and works as a miner. In the start he is a very strict father, and he has some very strict rules for Billy. He wants him to take boxing classes, because he thinks it makes Billy a real man. In one of the scenes, we see that Jackie gives Billy some boxing gloves. These gloves belonged to Jackie’s father, and he wants Billy to inherit the gloves, so he can be as good as his grandfather. But what Jackie does not know, is that Billy has a secret, and Jackie keeps being satisfied with his son’s work, as a boxer. In another scene, Billy is telling his father that he wants to go to ballet. Jackie says that boys are supposed to play football, boxing or wrestling and not ballet, and he gets very confused. I think that Jackie feels that Billy now is a shame for the family, because of what he is doing, and he cannot really see why Billy should do something as ridiculous as ballet. Jackie changes his mind about ballet, when he sees Billy dancing in the boxing hall, with one of his friends, and after Billy has told his father, how much he loves ballet. Jackie opens up his eyes, and

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