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Ehab Degachi Christopher Litman ENG 2150 December 9th, 2012 Mayberry’s article focuses around discussing the role that males play in not only the community of “Bottom” but how their actions and decision making impacts the relationship between Black males and females. She goes to decipher how white men affect the actions of black men who ultimately affect the black females in the story. The white men are seen as superior, so naturally, the black men want to be like them or at least as powerful as them while still resenting them, not worshiping. They tend to be unsuccessful and resort to black females as the solution to their problems. In the article, Mayberry writes “The bottom is not powerful enough, however, to contain the destructive…show more content…
526). She tries to explain how the black males in the community develop based on the actions of white men which impair each of the three men she discusses in some way. She brings up the character Jude and explains that Jude is the character that has a lot of conflict towards white people. This is the result of him not earning the job at the railroad that he wanted because the more favorable “white males’ that were thin and strong were chosen over him. He wanted that job to prove his manhood, (which he only wanted to do because of his inferior position outside of the community). When he doesn’t get the job, he simply turns to marrying Nel in order to do so, as Mayberry writes. Mayberry discusses different theories as to why Jude and other black males resort to the black females to come to be strong, and one that stands out is the fact that they are the easiest for them to dominate. Mayberry argues that Jude hasn’t acquired the true masculine and feminine characteristics of himself, which renders him not mature. He is too focused on gaining his “manhood “or proving himself to both the community and others, which is an inherent need for someone who is low on the hierarchy of people. Mayberry articulates her analysis of the effects of all of these relationships very well in her article, and I generally took the main idea to be that the black male turns to be underdeveloped due to his position at the start (disdained by whites) while at the same time, envying them and wanting to be better than
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