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Discovery – Robert Frost The works of Robert Frost deeply engage audiences far beyond their seemingly simplistic literal nature. It is their metaphorical undertones that Frost intends the readers to absorb, and it is therein that his comments on the concepts of Discovery lie. Predominant concepts of Discovery that are related in Frosts poetry include the discovery and contemplation of the path between life and death, the realisation that man has control over his own destiny, and the comprehension of the inevitability of death. These concepts are most thoroughly explored in the poems After Apple Picking, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and Fire and Ice. In many of Frosts works, the path, or journey, between life and death is subtly discussed. The persona’s, themselves, are brought towards a realisation of the true nature of life, thus altering the way in which Frosts readers perceive death. The metaphorical undertones of After Apple Picking speak of how everything we work towards in life, all our memories and opportunities, will eventually grow tiresome, to the point where we accept death, almost welcome the solace that it brings. The first line of the poem, ‘My long two-pointed ladder’s sticking through a tree toward heaven still,’ is symbolic of the fact that we are inevitably always climbing towards death. As the persona continues, it is seen that he welcomes death, the comforting finality that it brings, as seen in the line, ‘Of apple picking: I am overtired of the great harvest I myself desired…Long sleep, as I describe its coming on.’ The imperative statement , when looked at with the metaphorical undertones of the poem, works to communicate that life is the great harvest that the persona is so tired of. The ‘long sleep’ that he refers to is denoted in a tone of contentment, something he does not question, but rather accepts. This is reflected in the

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