Understand the Potential Effects of Life Factors and Events on the Development of the Individual.

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Unit 4, P2 Leah-Faith Giles Understand the potential effects of life factors and events on the development of the individual. Life Factors Within each living cell in the human body, there is a nucleus, with 23 pairs of chromosomes inside it. For each pair of chromosomes one comes from the mother, and another pair from the father. These chromosomes carry units of inheritance called genes. These genes carry the instructions to build a new person; they are made up of a substance called deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA. DNA produces proteins that regulate the development of an individual human being. A Good example of how the genes interact and the environment would be the genetic disorder called Phenylketonuria, commonly known as PKU for short, this is a rare genetic condition that prevents a person from being able to process a number of food. PKU prevents an individual from processing a substance called phenylalanine, this is found in many foods. This condition causes a build up of a number of harmful substances in the body that in turn damages the brain and can eventually kill the individual. PKU cannot be cured, and some babies born with the condition undetected fail to meet development milestones, as their brain isn’t developing they would experience further development delays. PKU could result in severe learning disabilities. In recent days, babies are likely to be tested for this kind of genetic condition soon after birth; the child will be given a special diet and medication to prevent build up of harmful substances. Damage from PKU can be prevented if you change the infant’s surroundings. We cannot alter an individual’s genes but we can change their environment so that the condition does not cause illness in the hope of the individual moving on to

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